MYC Big Boat Regatta – Looking For Crew / Boat

MYC’s Fall Race Week is rapidly approaching and both crew and skipper’s alike are scrambling to get ready.  MYC has asked that we offer a way to for boats and crew to find each other.

If you find yourself in need of a ride for the regatta, please add a comment below with some information about yourself and how you can be contacting.  Skipper’s in need of crew should do the same.

Hopefully this will prove useful for matching available crew up with undermanned boats.

6 thoughts on “MYC Big Boat Regatta – Looking For Crew / Boat”

  1. Mike and Valerie Taylor available as crew for PHRF or Sport boat.

    Both very experienced, any position. New MYC members.


  2. Able bodied “Young at heart” 68yo male looking to crew on larger ⛵️ boats. Been a ‘few’ years since last racing Nantucket Sound; but can still grind effectively, or take the helm with comfort and ability. Available most any day during the week and certainly the next RumRunner event on 12/16.

    1. Hey, not sure you’ll get much response on this old topic, but feel free to show up at MYC on a rum race day and let someone from the club know you are new and looking for a ride. They can almost always find a boat for folks on Rum Race days.

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