MYC Rum Racing

Melbourne Yacht Club organizes a PHRF pursuit race every other week in the area just south of the Melbourne Causeway.  Participants can choose from three fleets, Racers, Racer/Cruisers, and Cruisers.  When Daylight Savings Time is in effect, the races start on Friday evenings around 6:00 p.m; when it is not in effect, the races move to Sunday afternoons around 2:00 p.m.

Since the race is a pursuit format, all boats start in reverse handicap format on the honor system with the slowest boats starting first. MYC Rum Races do not have a race committee.

Races are open to all boats, not just MYC members.  Anyone interested in sailing is encouraged to attend.  If you don’t have a ride, one will be found for you.  No one is left at the dock!

For more information regarding MYC Rum Racing, contact MYC Fleet Captain Peter Fischel.

MYC Rum Racing Entry Form
MYC Rum Racing Sailing Instructions
MYC Rum Racing Course
MYC Rum Race Start Times — 2022 v2.1

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