RS Aero Midwinters Adds Lasers and Sunfish to the Event

Sunfish and Laser sailors are invited to fun race at the RS Aero Midwinters at Kelly Park on Merritt Island on February 7-9. These classes will have a separate start and will pay no entry fees, but will sign a release, and will receive no awards other than bragging rights. You will be sailing with a substantial and competitive Aero fleet that will enjoy your company on the water. The Regatta NoR is on Regatta Network for further information. Please come join us!

Also, there are several new RS Aero charter boats available for those who may want to compete in the Aero Midwinters fleet. Marc Jacobi will conduct a clinic on February 6 to introduce the boat and share go fast tips. To charter contact Marc at There are currently 15 boats registered and a fleet topping twenty boats is expected. Come join us and find out why this boat was the winner of the Olympic dinghy trials!

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